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SMS Marketing Solutions

SMS provides a better way to market to you prospect and customers. It is unique as a marketing channel because 98.7% of Text Messages are read and most people always have their Cell Phone in arm’s length.
Drive traffic to your business by sending text messages to your customers.
Do you currently send Bulk Text Messages for you Business? Do you want to increase you call volume and Maximize the Monetization of you Opt-In-List?


What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, is an affordable way to send out mass text messages to your customers and prospects. Increase traffic by notifying customers of exclusive discounts and offers, event reminders, coupons, sales and more.

Marketing Solutions

Upon signing up with Pinpoint SMS, you will be assigned a personal campaign manager to lend their expertise in assuring you get the most out of text message marketing. Visit our SMS Marketing Solutions page to learn more.

Mobile Coupons

Have you ever received a text message that you did not open? Probably not, this is why SMS coupons have 10x the redemption rate of print coupons. Increase your direct marketing ROI by sending coupons through SMS text.

Loyalty Program

Still using punch cards for your loyalty program? Most companies are switching to SMS gateways to increase customer enrollment. No more lost or forgotten punch cards, customers can check-in on their mobile phones every time they make a purchase.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

MMS makes it easier to impress your audience and say more using mass text messaging. Simply attach videos or beautiful images and blast your customers within minutes.

SMS Long Codes

Prefer to use an 800 number instead of a 5-digit short code for mass text messaging? We have long codes available that can be setup in just a few days.

Provisional SMS Short Codes

If your business needs require customization, Pinpoint will provision an SMS short code of your choosing that is exclusive to your business.

2-way SMS Messaging

Our 2-way SMS messaging feature makes communicating with customers easy. Two-way messaging allows recipients to reply back to your short code for no additional charge.

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